See Better After Cataract Surgery! New Intraocular Lens Technology

Cataract patients now have an option to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! Individuals suffering from cataracts previously had only a mono-focal lens implant option after surgery. NEW premium lens implant technology can now decrease dependence on glasses after surgery.
  • AcrySof IOL lenses

    AcrySof ReSTOR IOL
    Until recently, life without reading glasses or bifocals was not an option for most cataract. You now have an option. The AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL is a unique technological innovation that can provide you with quality vision throughout the entire visual spectrum – near through distance – with increased independence from reading glasses or bifocals! Clinical trials showed that over 80 percent of patients receiving this lens never required glasses for any task following surgery
  • AcrySof IOL lenses

    STAAR Toric IOL
    For patients with cataracts and astigmatism there is the AcrySof® Toric lens, which corrects for both conditions simultaneously.

    The Staar toric IOL comes in a full range of distance vision powers, in two versions: one corrects up to 2.00 diopters and the other corrects up to 3.50 diopters of astigmatism.
  • AcrySof IOL lenses

    AcrySof IQ IOL
    For patients with cataracts and spherical aberration there is the AcrySof® IQ lens, which corrects both conditions simultaneously.
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